I would like my wisdom teeth put back in...

by dan

I know this is unheard of, but I would like my wisdom teeth put back in that I was born with.
I removed the bottom row almost ten years ago at 17 yrs of age and kept the top row. My top row grew longer almost like trying to touch the bottom but just gums there.

My jaw cracks a lot now and feels off balance and my bottom front teeth are pushing my top teeth to stick forward changing my face.

I use to have a nice square jaw and now it is gone and I have a bag under my chin. and my eyes went bad.

Not sure if those are coincidences but I kept my teeth in alcohol in a pill bottle.

I just want some drilling done and wisdom teeth implants for the bottom row. I will need to file down the top back teeth as well as they grew fang like.

Also recently all my teeth sharpened? strange. my gums are cutting a lot. I have animal like teeth suddenly.

Anyway can some one help me and is it dangerous?? I have to be under sedation so no drinking for two weeks prep correct? Also I play contact sports . Is there a risk the implants can be knocked out or screw loose?
Is it dangerous to attach a screw to the jaw bone ?

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Effects of Missing Wisdom Teeth NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Dan,

What you need is a good orthodontist. Orthodontic therapy can change a person's entire facial profile. This means your chin, lips, jaws, etc.

It is impossible to put the wisdom teeth back in. If you had dental implants they would be made to fit the teeth above them. Also, dental implants are made from titanium and a porcelain crown and do not use natural tooth anatomy. The teeth above them will not be adjusted much because then you would have exposed nerve tissue and then need crowns on those teeth.

As far as sharp edges. This sounds like chipping and wear due to malocclusion. After orthodontic therapy to fix the way your teeth bite together, a dentist can work to restore these places to be more aesthetic and functional.

by: DianeC

I've heard it all now.

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Similar observations/question NEW
by: Vic


I have been researching this topic a while now and believe I have undergone facial changes as well. Is it common that the face narrows as the result of jaw atrophy? I also am strongly considering implants and was wondering if these would be effective at regenerating the lost bone so I can get my natural face back? Thanks so much for your time and expertise.

wisdom NEW
by: Crystal W. Throckmorton

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Yikes! NEW
by: SA

My only suggestion would be to get the top wisdom teeth removed to even out your bite instead of "adding" them back. Either that, or perhaps you're turning into a werewolf. In that latter case you're screwed then.

Yikes! NEW
by: SA

My only suggestion would be to get the top wisdom teeth removed to even out your bite instead of "adding" them back. Either that, or perhaps you're turning into a werewolf. In that latter case you're screwed then.

Dentis worse ever nightmare NEW
by: Anonymous

I am agree with you some dentist seems like they never went to dental school. Some of them have such a bad esthetics view about the anatomy of the jaw. Removing the wisdom teeths when they are not causing problems is such a mistake
The top wisdom teeths are frames that gives the jaw that strong firm look. After removing them your face will look longer and older. I had my wisdowm teeths removed many years ago because this ignorant dentist recommended when I had my braces so they will give more space. I stopped going to destist because some of them think that having X rays everytime you go is like having polaroid pictures taken and they even joke about if when you ask for protection. Also that stupid idea about fluoride cleasing is like destroying your teeths instead of helping them . I have 10 years without putting a foot into a dentist and have a healthy sugar free diet that I never ever had a dental problem since. The only think I wish is to get my wisdom teeths back some day.

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