Immediate area around the implant is numb

by Jack
(Marathon, Fl)

I had an implant installed one year ago, upper right second tooth from center. Now I feel like I have a tooth-pick shoved up along side of my nose and the gum and immediate area around the implant is numb. I had these feelings shortly after the procedure and figured I needed to give some time for complete healing. The feeling has not changed.

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Numb Area
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Jack,

There are several different nerves that run through the upper jaw, so it is quite possible that one of these nerves may have been affected by the implant. Suggest having an PA or panoramic x-ray taken by your implant specialist for them to evaluate the area around the apex of the implant to make sure nothing is going through a sinus cavity or something similar.

Sometimes when nerves are affected from dental treatment it can be temporary, permanent, or feel like it's permanent but come back years later. It's difficult to say.

I feel your pain NEW
by: Anonymous

I've had the same pain for about 4 years. I thought I was crazy thinking it may be a screw up my nose, but reading your story makes me think it might be. I was told my a nose and throat specialist that i had excema in my nose but the pain started after the dentist procedure. I'll be going for X-rays now, hopefully they can help me. Can't stand the pain day in and day out!

implant issues NEW
by: Anonymous

I finally went back to the same dentist. What was found was interesting. They had to cut my gum to get up next to the bone, removing the tooth/crown. He found a ptece of something that was obviously left during surgury and removed it. He didn't say what it was but I suspect it was a piece of bone or some of the adhesive used to cement the crown to the implant. Anyways, my comfort is starting to return rather quickly. Even xrays don't allow the dentist to see every thing. He didn't use the panaramic xrays. I think this was part of the problem. I have learned that tis is not an uncomplcated procedure as is advertised. I think the numbness will be easy to live with. My gum around the implant has stoped bleeding and the toothpick sensation is subsiding. Good luck with your issues.

facial irritation after abuttments NEW
by: Louise

I have the feeling of tooth picks along either side of my nose and my upper lip contorts upwards in a spasam like way

nose pain NEW
by: Anonymous

I too have been experiencing nose pain since having an implant fitted to my front left tooth. it feels as though a needle is poking into my nose. I also experience pain in the roof of my mouth. I have been back to the dental surgeon several times with this problem. Three weeks ago he cut open my gum right below my nose to investigate. There was no infection but he found that there was a large amount of old filling material from previous apicoectomy procedures. He vigorously cleaned the area. He said that the amalgam could have been reacting with the metal implant causing the painful burning sensation. The swelling has now gone but it still feels as though there is still something poking into my nose and I find it gets worse if I talk or move my upper lip. Indecently I didn't experience this problem until the implant had been fitted for six months. when the tempory bridge became loose and had to be refitted.

by: Jack

My discomfort has finally subsided and the bit of numbness around the implant is hardly noticeable The sensation of toothpick alongside my nose has also subsided. A PA exray would be a good thing before and after. Had this been done, I don't think I would have had any problems.

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