Immediate implants and teeth after removing teeth


can you get immediate implants and teeth after removing teeth:
I currently have a denture on the top (had a few years) and want (need)to get all my lowers removed which are very lose and painful.

I have been told by a doctor in another country (that i would like to go to) that he can do both upper and lower in one 10-15 day trip ..6 implants on the bottom and top, then place a bridge (i think that's what he called it)

other doctors I've talked to, say it's not possible,and say you have to wait a few months after teeth are removed, then implants and wait a few more months, then the teeth.

The doctor actually has some very impressive credentials and I've got nothing but positive feedback from some of his patients.

I have told the doctor (through another party) that I was concerned about others saying it's not possible, but he assures me he can do it...I'm sure it can be done, but will it last...he was also sent a panoramic x-ray that he requested.

any thoughts would be appreciated.

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by: Dr Farhan Durrani

send the doctor you x rays and dentascan, then ask him to talk to you

by: Anonymous

I have sent my panoramic x-ray and was told he can do it...I'm actually going to talk to him again today, but want to know if this was possible or do you normally have to wait months to get to this stage.

Can it all happen in ten days or is that not true...btw, he does say i need bone grafting, but im not sure to what extent

risk NEW
by: steverik

It is ofcourse possible but the thing is the risk behind the quick implantation. There are so many cases that is still unsolved due to this sudden implantations. And I must suggest you to not to do it in hurry. Take your time and follow a good doctorwindows customer support.

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