Impant failure after 2 years

by Terry
(Hampshire UK)

I had a front upper tooth implant 2 years ago. From day one the gum was always tender and my dentist said this was because the bone was thin at the front. However during a visit to hospital I was told there was an infection (Puss exuding) and the x-ray showed a significant loss of bone around the implant altough it's not loose yet.

The hospital said it had to come out and that antibotics would not work. I then went back to private dentist who had fitted the inplant to my surprise he said this was rubbish and intends saving the implant. He has given me "Corsodyl gel" which I am supposed to force into the void above the tooth made by the infection (using Tepe brushes) until the next visit when he intends to cut my gum, peel it back and insert a bonemeal substance for my bone to regrow upon.

Is this practical? and can Corsodyl really kill such infection if antibotics can't?

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Second Opinion
by: Dr, Kee

I believe the advisement of your oral surgeon/dentist to be rubbish. I recommend getting a second opinion from another dental professional before resorting to these suspect self-administered methods. Best wishes.

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