Implant crown not vertical

by Alan Andrews
(Seville Spain)

I have just had a trial fitting of the tooth which will sit on my implant. However, the tooth slants frontwards, toward the mesial tooth. I have just had braces, and so this tooth looks out of sync with the rest of the teeth. The tooth part would need to sit diagonally to appear straight.
Can this be fixed?

They are going to add ceramic to compensate but the problem will be insertion between the existing teeth. It's lower left, 4th back. Should they make me another tooth?

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Telescopic crown

Please advise them to get a good lab, they can make a telescopic crown on it and then give permanent crown.

Implant crown

If your implant is slanted, the crown can be angled as well. This can be corrected by switching the abutment that sits on the crown. The abutment can be made to be parallel with adjacent teeth. Then the crown will sit and appear a it should. Good luck.

Dental implant
by: Anonymous

I got a front tooth implant with bone graft all was ok until my dentist put on final crown it feels so tight and teeth on both end hurt, can u help.

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