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Implant Crown Popped Off answer
by: Dr. Leamsi

Dear Kris;

that crown should not had come off like that. Cemented crowns are supposed to last for a very long time since they are attached by a special type of cement.
to answer one of your questions; as long as there are not any problems with the implant itself and the abutment on it, that crown that came off should be OK to put back on as long as your doctor agrees (remember that yours is a particular case that your doctor is familiar with)
if you don't think your doctor's decision is the best you should visit a different doctor ( one that can actually asses your situation in his office.
There are several things going on with your case and it can get complicated.

Dr. leamsi

Mine came off AGAIN! NEW
by: Anonymous

I have a group of four teeth that were cemented on to 2 implants. A year later, the "glue" failed and the entire "bridge of 4 teeth came off. I was referred to a local dental specialist who re-glued them. It is now 6 months later and the same thing happened again. I have taken a great deal of time in learning to properly brush and to NOT do think=gs like use my teeth as a bottle opener!

I was told by the last dentist that the glue he use was the absolute toughest and not to worry!

But now I am FED UP and angry! I have SIXTEEN implants. ALL installed over a 3 year period at GREAT expense!

What can I do?

Implant Crown Popped Off NEW
by: Anonymous

It is firm to say no matter which for the reason that I don't know situation and .perhaps you have some assignment help services injure in root of tooth and doctor cannot recumbent it or a few further conditions.

Implant Crown Popped Off NEW
by: saleonleather

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