Implant in natural gap

by Emilia Alamagny

I'm 30yr old and was born with a natural gap in my upper gum between my two front teeth. 2 years ago, I had an accident and one of my front tooth just before the gap fell off. Now I am undergoing an implant but would like to know if it's technically ok to have 2 implants (covering my natural gap) or just one on the normal space. Personally I think the gap was a little too big - please I need your expertise before going in.

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Implant Inside of Gap
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Emilia,

Your dentist most likely recommends that you only have the implant to fill the space of one tooth. While it is very tempting to add on to the tooth to fill in the gap, you don't want to have such a huge tooth on the crown that it looks unnatural and unappealing. Every time I have ever seen a patient beg to have the tooth made wider to fill in the space, it has never looked pretty and it always looks fake. Sometimes if it is in the back of the tooth they can make a small "extra" tooth on the side of it, to fill in a very small space, but for the front of your mouth it would not look normal to have an extra tooth. You could possibly undergo braces to close the space, though.

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