Implant in too deep?

I had a dental implant and bone graft done on my #6 tooth 3 months ago. My periodontist said it was healed and ready for the new tooth to be put on. When my dentist tried to do this he said the abutment that the periodontist ordered did not fit and he would have to see if the company had something else that might work.
He thought the implant was too deep in the jaw which was making it impossible to put on the abutment?

It has been a week and I am still waiting to hear from the dentist. Is it possible to put he implant in too deep? What can they do if this is the case? What should I do?

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Crown Attachment
by: Sharon B., RDH

It sounds like one of 2 things happened. 1, that the wrong type of abutment was ordered for the crown to attach. In this case it would mean that the dental lab needs to create a new crown from start to finish to attach to the type of abutment you have. Your dentist may just be waiting on the dental lab to get back with him. 2, if the implant post was not exposed enough, a common procedure is to surgically expose the abutment in order to allow the tooth to attach to it. This is something that your oral surgeon or implant specialist would do for ou.

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Implant in too deep? NEW
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