Implant Post fell out

by Kenny
(Fort Lauderdale)

I just began a dental implant procedure on Nov 3. The dentist pulled the tooth and placed the initial post on that day. The implant post fell out this morning.

What shold I do? The dentist is not in until Monday. Will I have to wait a period of time before he can place a new post back in?


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post fell out
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

please elaborate ,implant fell out or abutment?
There is nothing called post in implant dentistry.

The screw fell out
by: Kenny

Ok sorry not the post but the screw fell out. It was placed November 3 this year. It fell out yesterday. Is there a need to panic or should I just take the screw back to my dentist on Monday? I left a message for his answering service yesterday and never got a call back so I assumed it was not that big of a deal, to him anyway.



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