Implant screw became loose - grinding my teeth?

by Howard Gale
(Lake Zurich, Illinois)

Implant screw became loose - grinding my teeth , can this be the reason?

I completed my dental implant in Sep 2011. In Nov 2011 the crown was loose causing the surrounding tissue to become irritated. I went back to my dentist immediately. The dentist said the screw became loose and thought it may have been caused by me grinding my teeth during sleep.

Without taking any exray, the dentist drilled through and hollowed out the crown to expose the screw. The screw was removed, then re-inserted and tightened with the hollowed out crown. The crown was then filled with cement. I asked the dentist if the strength of the crown was compromised or if any complications may arrise following this procedure. The dentist said he often fixes crowns this way and said no complications should arrise.

I have several concerns.
1) Has the crown's stength been compromised by this process? should a new crown have been ordered and installed rather than filling it with cement?

2) I have had 2 hip replacements (2003 and 2008). The dentist normally gives me antibiotics before drilling but in this case did not. Should I be concerned about infection?

3) Should I follow-up with my dentist or just leave well enough alone?

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Loose Screw
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Howard,

First of all I wanted to mention that if you think you're grinding or clenching your teeth during the night, it is extremely recommended that you wear a night guard. This prevents excess wear and stress on your teeth and existing restorations. Excessive grinding can wear away the teeth and cause restorations to break down.

Now to get to your questions.
1) It is very common for dentists to go through a newer crown that does not need to be replaced when they perform procedures like root canals, and then patch the crown back up again. The reason for this is because crowns are very costly and they can't just easily be disposed of and replaced any time a procedure needs to be done. More than likely the lifetime of your crown has not been compromised.

2) The AHA changes their premedication guidelines fairly often and joint replacements if I remember correctly only require premedication for the next calendar year after placement. I may be off a bit on that since I know they have changed it. The important thing to know is that premedication is ONLY for invasive procedures. Adjusting a crown and a screw is not an invasive procedure, so there is no requirement or need to have an antibiotic prophylaxis (premedication) for this procedure.

3) You should be fine unless any other problems arise!

Permanent filling NEW
by: Thomas Jack

If there is pain in the infected area it will be better to take antibiotics before the grinding process happen. It will reduce the pain as well as the cementing will be Electronic Medical Records strong and rigid. I have done the same a month ago.

Grinding teeth NEW
by: Anonymous

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best practice NEW
by: Anonymous

You should have chosen an experienced dentist to do an oral surgery. These kind of problems should happen if your surgery was a success. These days is so difficult to find a quality dentistry, therefore, having some good recommendations before you resort to its services is the best practice.

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Implant screw became loose - grinding my teeth? NEW
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