Implants shattered.

by karen

After extracting all my teeth but my front two, placing two implants on L side my R side which was suppose to hold three implants shattered:

I was sewn up started on antibiotics and predisone until healed. Than went back in and did a bone graft with cadaver bones. Two weeks later I have a massive infection and had to remove all the bone and infection from r side. I have many allergies to antibiotics and am still feeling weak from incident. My l side implants are doing well, im seeing a ENT to make sure no infection in sinuses and getting scan. Meanwhile all I have is a flipper and no idea what to do next. I will get dentures before any other kind of animal bone is placed in there. what are some other options?

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Right side
by: Sharon B., RDH

First of all, you'll need to wait several weeks to allow the area to heal completely. There could be various reasons why the infection occurred on the right side, and it might not have anything to do with the bone graft (it could have been from residual infection that was there prior to the extractions, for instance). Personally I would opt to heal completely and then try a bone graft again, as that would allow you to have implants placed rather than wearing a flipper or removable prosthesis. Implants are nice because they are the most "natural" option when it comes to anything tooth-like in our mouth. Flippers and partials will cover a part of the soft tissue in your mouth making it more difficult to eat and speak. Otherwise, yes, your other options would be to just continue wearing a flipper or partial in that place until you decide to do otherwise.

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