Implants with Dentures

How do implants with dentures compare to normal dentures?

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by: Anonymous

Dentures fixed to dental implants will give you an enhanced improvement in your quality of life that standard dentures cannot provide. Undoubtedly the lower denture presents the most difficulty for patients adjusting to dentures for the first time or even for experienced denture wearers.

Many affiliated affordable Dentures practices have recently introduced a new treatment procedure called a DENTURE STABILIZATION SYSTEM . Essentially it is a mini dental implant system that in most cases can be placed and attached to your lower denture in the same visit.

There is no need for any incision or stitches. Within one hour you can be on your way with a secure lower denture, and able to eat and speak much more comfortably.

Hope that Helped - Dr. B

Check out this page
by: Dental implants guide editor

This page shows the advantages of implant retained dentures -

Good luck

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