Infected nerve

by Sandra

When I was 5 years old I received a lash to the mouth with a hard object. I realized that my teeth were shaky and they were my permanent teeth so I forced them firmly into the gum. They had set-in after a while . Years later in secondary school they turned yellow and began to hurt me really bad, I even had a swelling inside my mouth across the gum (the two front bottom teeth). It would ache like something was gnawing at the gum and would stop but come back either a few months later or maybe a year later. I was told that it was an infected nerve and needed root canal done.

Please advise.

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Root Canal
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Sandra,

It's extremely common for trauma to occur on a tooth and then not show itself until years later, when the tooth begins to show signs of dying. Yes, in order to retain a tooth with this kind of trauma and nerve infection you would have to have a root canal. Otherwise it would continue to worsen until you lost the tooth. These type of conditions (infected nerves, dead nerves) do not correct themselves.

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