Infection in root of crowned tooth

by Angela
(Northern Ireland)


I had an opreation in november 2010 to remove an Infection in root of crowned tooth - my front tooth and the one beside it.

I was advised that this need done as I would wake up some morning with an abcess and the tooth would be lost,

since having the procedure done the front tooth has never quite felt right, although I was advised that this will tale about 18 months to get better.

recently I have been having a bit of pain just under my nose where the root of the tooth is, (I had metal posts to attach my crowns) I was also advised that the tooth would not be as strong as it was before this operation.

I would like to no should I still be having pain? and will the tooth stand up to daily use? because I am a little paranoid that it will fall out or I will loose it in the end if the problem persists.

Also would dental implants solve the problem and how much would they cost?

many thanks

Angela Kelly

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Infection in Crowned Tooth
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Angela,

It's difficult to say exactly what you're feeling because I don't know if you had an apicoectomy or a root canal on the tooth. If they just went in through the gums to the root tip to remove the infection, then you will probably still be getting some sensitivity around the tooth to external forces. If there was a root canal then the tooth should have no more feeling.

Sometimes when a tooth has an infection around the root tip, scar tissue can build up. This may be the pressure that you are feeling around the nose or when the tooth isn't quite biting right. OR it could be a recurrent infection, causing pressure in the sinus and slight shifting of the tooth (making it feel different).

Continue to see your dentist for follow up with any symptoms that are painful or alarming. We always want to keep the natural tooth if possible, but if something were to cause you to have the tooth extracted then an implant is a wonderful option for tooth replacement. However, I think you're a long way off from losing the tooth at this point, at least from the impression that I get.

severe pain NEW
by: Norah Johnson

I have had severe pain on my jaw. It was unbearable. In the end I was asked to do crowns on each of my bottom teeth. But whenever I used to drink warm water it used to feel so much better.

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