Instead Of Having 4 teeth I have 3

by Rachel
(Los Angeles)

Instead Of Having 4 teeth I have 3.

I am a mom of 2 adorable kids which is hard not to smile, but my problem to being different from others keeps me from being around people and having a good time or should I say a good laugh with my loved ones. I have 3 teeth instead of 4 in the front.
From a Teeth Diagram starting from front to back L and R.
1.Central Incisor
2.Lateral Incisor
This is how its suppose to be right.?
Now from my top jaw starting from my BABY Canine (Cuspid) Which I still have on L and R side.
3. BABY Canine (Cuspid)
2. Lateral Incisor

3.BABY Canine (Cuspid)
2. Lateral Incisor

Noticed I didnt go further to my teeth number one (Central Insicor) from both sides
.? Becuase Intead of Having both of Central Teeth I Have only one. Which is bigger than all of them so its hard not to tell. I notice people looking at my mouth instead of my eyes when talking to me so its prertty upseting.

I heard of implants not so long ago and I was wondering if I can get them.? I also heard of same day. I want to get all 5 removed starting from my baby Canine to the middle one and get what is called normal (4) teeth in the front. I want them the same day as I dont want people to notice me with out teeth. 24 years and toothless, not good.

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Changing 3 Teeth to 4 NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Sometimes we will have 2 teeth fuse together, and make one larger tooth. Or perhaps we even have extra or missing teeth, which changes the appearance of the way our teeth look when we smile.

My best advice would be to see an aesthetic dentist and discuss your options. Quite possibly you could have orthodontic treatment to move the one tooth to the side and then just ONE implant put in place of the missing central incisor. For instance, your primary teeth should now be approaching the end of their life and may not withstand many more years, so removing them and moving the permanent tooth into place will correct this problem as well. It would not be wise to extract perfectly healthy teeth just to place several implants across the area.

Dentist los angeles NEW

Very informative blog... Thanks for sharing.

Cosmetic Dentist Arizona NEW
by: Cosmetic Dentist Arizona

It's not a big problem, but still if you want to overcome you need to visit to dentist. Dental implant or dental bridge would be the best solution for this. Nothing to worry, do visit a dentist without any hesitation.

pl visit NEW
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

a beautiful smile is needed ,pl visit a accredited cosmetic dentist in your area or refer cosmetic dentistry journals ,lot of things can be done ,implants,bridges,etc, but procedure should follow cosmetic principals ,tough to tell by your pictures

pl visit NEW
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

a beautiful smile is needed ,pl visit a accredited cosmetic dentist in your area or refer cosmetic dentistry journals ,lot of things can be done ,implants,bridges,etc, but procedure should follow cosmetic principals ,tough to tell by your pictures

Dental NEW
by: Herin

This issue looks familiar for me. I had this issue while I was young. One of my teeth was missing from side. But actually it was there at EMR Software the back but will not be visible from the front view.

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Problem Solved NEW
by: Anonymous

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My daughter has like that to NEW
by: Lella

My four year old daughter has same as you instead of two front teeth she has one in the middle (the other tooth is missing)!and one tooth in each side have gone to dentist but they can't explain why?

1 of only 5 people in the world with 3 upper jaw incisors!! NEW
by: Anonymous

Yes I also only have 3 teeth between the canines....there's only 5 of us on the whole planet on record....we're very special and was told our ancestors are not from this planet!.....I need help finding out more and are there more 3 upper jaw incisors people wow 5 out of 7 billion!!!!!

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