Is a crown necessary over Implant?




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Is a crown necessary over Implant?

I am very confused about my Tooth Problem. Four months ago I have done a small surgery inserting an Implant. Doctor told me to come after 4 months to put a crown on top of that implant, but one of the other dentists suggested not to put a crown.

He said it does not have natural spring below that implant which will give more pressure on that tooth (Crowned One),while eating. And in the long run because of this pressure I will suffer from intense pain.

Please suggest me what to do? I am attaching my X-rays to help you to suggest.
Pls reply as early as possible.

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Crown on Implant
by: Sharon B., RDH


It is always necessary to put a crown (or other prosthesis) on top of an implant. Otherwise the implant is pointless. It cannot retain the space between other teeth, keep the opposing tooth from drifting down, or give you anything to chew on unless there is a crown on the implant. Now, if a crown was placed on the implant and the crown was set too high, then yes, that would cause the problems that the 2nd dentist mentioned. However, crowns should be made to fit in line by the lab to fall in form with the other teeth. Definitely get the crown on the implant, or else the investment in the implant is thrown out the window and the other teeth will most likely drift.

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