Is crown of implant cemented permanently?

by Nargis Advani

Is crown of implant cemented permanently OR temporarily ?

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final or temporary
by: JP

A final crown is the one that is meant to stay in your mouth forver. That is cemented permanently.

For some treatments, if you so request, your doctor may choose to use a temporary crown. This is a crown that is meant to sit on the implant while the bone grows into the implant. This process is known as osseointegration. This may take a few weeks or months. The temporary crown may also be used as a cosmetic substitute while the dental lab fashions the final crown.

Since the temporary crown is made by the dentist chairside, the base is often plastic so that the doctor can easily trim it into a shape suited for the space in the jaw. Since it is made of plastic, eventually it will have to be replaced.

Either way a temporary crown is held with temporary cement since it is meant to come off again. Of course there are rumors of patients refusing to go back to their doctors and keeping their temporary crowns until they break....

Can Implants Be Repositioned

I had an implant done about 12 yrs ago ( front right tooth )....The dentist was not happy with the color( I was !! )and told me she would not " permanently " cement it and hopefully it would fall out so I would have to have the color corrected.

Until recently I have not had any problems with it but now it seems to be " moving " backwards and leaving a gap between my front teeth...

Can implants be repositioned as I would like to have it moved back into place ??

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