Is it OK to ask my Periodontist to prescribe pain medicine

by Greg
(Cameron Park)

I am about to have major periodontal surgery. I have heard stories both good and bad regarding post-op pain. My question here is: Is it OK to ask my Periodontist to prescribe pain medicine, including narcotics, if I should need them?

I am not a drug seeker, but don't want to suffer needlessly either.

Please advise.

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Prescriptions NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH


Dentists, and dental specialists are licensed to write prescriptions for pain relief medications as needed. Your oral surgeon/periodontist/etc. will address your individual needs, concerns as well as the current situation of your oral health before they decide what medication to prescribe you. Each medicine works differently and may or may not interract with the healing process or other medications that you are already on.

That being said I would advise you to not go into it expecting to rely on pain medication. They will take care of you and get you through the healing process. After having oral surgery myself I found that after one dose of prescription main medication made me feel worse than not having it, and i never needed it again.

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by: Rayne Amir

I had an experience once that I was not given any pain reliever after having a tooth removal. So I decided to change a dentist, good thing I browse from the net.

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by: Herc

Well this is just a common phenomenon, if things do get more problematic I would suggest that you do consult a doctor as soon as possible rather than take such chances. Please do make sure that you are seeing the right persons. EHR

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by: Anonymous

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