Is removal of the torus palatinus routine?

by Pat s
(louisville. ky usa)

I have just started the procedure for full mouth dentures. The bottom will be done first and will involve teeth extractions, healing, jaw bone planing, eventual bone grafting, followed by 4 implants and the denture. Work will them begin on the upper jaw.

Although my top jaw is in far better 'shape' than the lower jaw,
I have a torus palatinus which I am told will have to be removed in order to allow the top denture to fit properly. Is removal of the torus palatinus routine? I trust my provider, but after reading a bit online, I'm wondering if I should seek a second opinion on the torus palatinus removal?

Thank you for considering my question.
Pat struck

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yes sir
to remove torus platinus becomes important because , denture needs support from palate it is major retentive area

surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

Ihave that torus Idon't want surgery I'm65years old my dentist said he can do it without doing the surgery I would have to use some type og adhesive willthat really work.

Having surgery in 2 weeks for torus palatinus removal NEW
by: Anonymous

My only question is "How painful is the aftermath of the procedure" I have never taken pain meds and don't know how I will react to them. The surgeon is going to put me to sleep. I'm just wondering what to expect when I wake up?

getting mine done NEW
by: Anonymous

I am scheduled for my torus removal next week. My surgeon is putting me out completely. I can't wait since I've been having to deal with this for 3 years. My dentures don't fit right because the original dentist that pulled all my teeth and made my dentures never told me I had this torus on my upper palate. So he went ahead and made me a denture that was practically useless. Went to a more expensive dentist in my area and he was able to fabricate a denture that was WAY better than the first but it's still not the way it should fit. As far as pain I'm getting pain pills to go home with and in reality if I'm even in pain for 2 weeks it will be worth it in the end because then I can get a new denture made that is going to fit beautifully.

ow1 NEW
by: Erce

Well this is not the usual type of problems that, you get to face with. This procedure would be painful and you would have to experience a lot of discomfort in the part of the jaw. Do such things only under a well trained doctor. view site

tooth ache after torus palatinus surgery NEW
by: Anonymous

why is my upper teeth row so painful after torus palatinus surgery..its unbearable..even the outer surface around the operated area is slightly red and is painful while having food..should i apply any medicine to it?

Torus removable NEW
by: Anonymous


Torus removal NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a very large torus palatinus removed, and it was much easier than I thought. There was no pain during the procedure, and minimal pain afterward. What a relief to have had this done. I had a fabulous oral surgeon. My dental insurance covered it at 50%. It cost me about $500 out of pocket because I had nitrous oxide to relax me and help me deal with the novocain injections.

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