Is the dentist that placed the crown responsible to correct problems

by Joyce
(woolwich, nj)

I just had a permanent crown placed on my dental implant on tooth #7. I went back to the dentist the following day to ask about several concerns.
1) There is a space between the top of the crown and my gum, which i noticed when i flossed, the floss goes over the top of the crown.
2) Big space between #7 and #8
3) The crown is on top of my gum instead of above the gum line.
I am also concern about the grayish line showing above the implant, which I just learned that the periodontist used a metal abutment; therefore the dentist used a pfm instead of an all-crown porcelain. I am devastated about the esthetic look. I almost don’t want to smile, I just want to cover my mouth.
Could I go to a different dentist and have the abutment and crown replaced? Is the dentist that placed the crown responsible to correct problems 1 to 3?
Thank you for any help.

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Bad esthetics
by: David Long CDT

There a lot of factors that may have contributed to this outcome. Implant placement,bone loss, poor abutment selection, crappy lab work. Your restoring dentist should have gone over you specific condition to give you an idea of your final restoration. If the Dr. did discuss all of your options and you failed to communicate you wishes or concerns prior to starting the restorative phase then it is your fault. If the dr. did communicate the potential outcome with you and the limitations that may exist and you understood these limits then this maybe the best that can be done. If the Dr. told you this would be the greatest thing since sliced bread and you have nothing to concern yourself about then he is at fault in my opinion. Bottom line is nobody is perfect and you should have been aware of all your options before starting the work.

by: WM

It is almost impossible to talk about your case with out seeing the final outcome. It may be a reasonable result or not however for better answering pls post picture. Periodical X Ray will help as well

Who's responsible NEW
by: Anonymous

Your expectations are not at all unrealistic. Anyone paying for a dental implant would expect it to look as if you never lost a tooth. If your dentist and periodontist did not tell you what your options were, including all possible procedures to achieve damn near perfect then they were very, very wrong. If bone loss, they should have done a bone graft. If gum recession, then gum graft. Go back to your dentist, tell them to fix it. Do not let them cement on a tooth that your not happy with. Don't pay money for crappy dental work. The problem bad communication between dentist, periodontist, lab, and patient. They get paid, you leave unhappy and probably have to pay more. Put your foot down. It's not your fault if you did not communicate to your restorative dentist you wanted it to be aesthetically close to perfect, that's a given. It's crazy that after 7 years of college, a patient should have to tell them aesthetics are important. Every dental website offering implants tells you what to expect; they say it will exceed your expectations, be better than your natural tooth, last for life, and look like yours.

I'm firing my dentist, because he failed me. Tried telling me it looks that way because of all the bone loss. I did not let them cement the tooth, the lab made it too small, visible 2-3mm spaces, v-shaped not u-shaped. I'm not going to be bullied into paying for bad lab work, it just sucks to find out that my dentist's standards are low.

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