Is there a different implant for full plates

My wife has been going through a major dental plan for the past 3 years due to an abusive past marriage.The plan that was agreed on was $49,000 dollars. There were 6 implants put in and 4 up top and 2 on the bottom the rest of the teeth were to be filled,and 3 root canals done.

As time went by the teeth became to decayed to fill or have root canals done, so they ended up pulling more teeth up top which lead to a full upper plate with these 4 snaps now it seems that these snaps keep wearing out. The last ones lasted 2 months.

The bottom implants failed - one was removed and the other one fell out so she ended up with a partial plate on the bottom.

my main question is: Is there a different implant for full plates compared to the ones that teeth are atteched to? How long should these snaps last? Because it seems after they are in for a short while her full upper plate won't snap in and her plate falls out. It just seems like a lot of money for a full plate and a bottom partial.

I appreciate any imput or advice to this problem .

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Snap in dentures
by: David

Snap in dentures just don't last. We stopped doing them along time ago. If the implants your wife has are a two piece implant we can restore it with a fixed bridge that she will enhance her quality of life at a price you will be happy with.

snaps on denture
by: Sharon B., RDH

The implants themselves are the same, regardless of if they are using a snap on or fixed denture. The titanium root is still of the same design. The top part of the implant is designed depending on what type of appliance you are going to place on it. The type of denture your wife has is one of the most economical and entry level dentures available for implants.

It sounds like snaps just aren't going to work out for your wife since they have tried over and over again. I would recommend a bar attached denture which would hold much more firmly than a snap on denture. Another implant may need to be placed for stability's sake, but then at least the denture can stay put in her mouth without coming out.

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