Is this usual that still after 9 days the denture will not fit in due to swelling

It is now 9 days since I had 3 teeth extracted and a bone graft and 4 implants in my top jaw. I have been given a temporary denture to wear but I am still finding that this will not fit in and as yet have been unable to wear it - let alone leave the house as I currently have no top teeth.

Is this usual that still after 9 days the denture will not fit in due to swelling, or is the problem deeper than that? I have called my dentist back who advise me that they can do nothing until next Tuesday which is just short of another week away yet. Is there anything I am able to do in the meantime to fit the denture? I don't actually think my gums are swollen still or not to the extent that I shouldn't be able to fit the denture in whatsoever.

My dentist seems to think that I must be doing something wrong as they managed to force it when I had the implants done and my gums were too numb to feel anything, yet I have worn various dentures for over 10 years and have never had any sort of problem like this..

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Denture Fit
by: Sharon B., RDH

It can be extremely common to have difficulty when adjusting to the fit of a new pair of dentures. What we normally advise is to force yourself to wear it for several days (take it out to sleep), weeks in a row, to develop a fit for it. Yes it may be uncomfortable in the beginning, but that may be because it fits correctly and your last pair no longer did.

As far as healing, you need to allow yourself up to 2 weeks before you expect the area to be completely healed. However, it's not too early to make sure you don't have an infection of some sort. If there is any bleeding, oozing, severe redness or fever, contact your dentist immediately.

ill fitting dentures NEW
by: Anonymous

i am 75 years of age and had the last of bottom teeth removed, there were four and after removing one the other three were removed. however i cannot bear the pain of the new denture. i was instructed to keep the denture in after the surgery but had to remove it. it is now 3 weeks and the pain from attempting to inert the denture is simply too painful. i have had three major surgical operations ad my tolerance to pain is very low. should i try to find another dentist that specializes in gum problems

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