I had an implant done 5 years ago. I had to have a bone graft as I had lost some bone. The crown that was put on the implant at the time was not very aesthetically pleasing but the implant was fine for the 5 years. I decided that I wanted the crown changed to be more aesthetically pleasing and to also have a veneer put on the tooth next to the implant so that it would all look better.

I now have the temporary's on and I have been in excruciating pain for the past 48 hours! The cosmetic dental surgeon I am seeing had to file the original implant metal bit down quite a bit so as to get the new crown to look much better, she had to change the angulation as I had quite proclined teeth. Also, when she did the anesthesia into the upper implant area, it was really painful and I had tenderness and bruising for a day.

Why do I still have pain 2 days later?? Could it be that the pressure of the temporary crown and veneer that is cemented on is causing the implant to be pulled in a different direction due to angulation change or could it be something else? I have had to live on very strong painkillers for the past 2 days and am at my witts end! Help!

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Occlusal adjustment
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Please go to a good prosthodontist and get good occlusal adjustment- otherwise implant might fail.
Your diagnosis is correct - Get correct occlusal adjustment.

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