Lateral incisor is falling out

by Kim
(Uxbridge, MA)

I have periodontal disease. I have lost many teeth over the years resulting in spaces. My teeth are moving around up top. I have a partial on the bottom. Can a tooth be saved that is in the process of falling out? Is it better to have it removed and to get an upper partial? Please help, my smile is awful!!!

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Try dental school
by: Anonymous

Mobile teeth can be saved depending on the level of their mobility.
From your description it seems like saving the teeth is (most likely) not an option.

What needs to be done, is to treat the periodontal desease ,extract the relevant teeth and restore function and easthtics.
Your best way to go is with dental implants either with a denture our fix bridge.
Such a treatment plan can be very costly ,try to get a proposal for it at a dental school near you.

Go to a periodontist
by: dr farhan durrani

It is tough to tell like this!
Go to a periodontist ,an expert in gum problems as well as saving mobile teeth.

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