Lifting the sinus wall

Lifting the sinus wall:
I had an upper molar implant 6 or 7 years ago and it fell out a year and a half ago. I had a bone graft and after six months another implant using a shorter but wider shaft. I just lost it just three months after the crown was finally placed.

My oral surgeon has mentioned lifting the sinus wall to give a new implant firmer footing. What is involved in a sinus lift? Is there a high rate of success for implants when this is done? I will mention that I have had an implant on one of my upper front teeth---it has lasted almost ten years and seems secure still.

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Sinus Lift
by: Nancy

I just saw my dentist about some pain I was having with my implants and the subject of a sinus lift came up. He said sinus lifts are done when there isn't enough bone to hold the implant. The sinus is lifted and bone graft inserted.

In my case, there was plenty of bone and even though the implant is in the sinus cavity, there was no need for a lift. The pain I was having was because my back tooth was hitting too hard, not because of my implants.

Take it seriously

I found that none of your surgeries including implants and grafting have been successful. Why are you still remaining non reactive?Its not a matter of joke at all.You should be serious about your dental hygiene.You just go to an experience dentist and take proper diagnosis.
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bone graft NEW
by: Susy

The sinus lift bone graft is an extremely common procedure. I tried a left rear upper implant and unfortunately we had a sinus tear as he was hammering away. Maybe you will interested in essayhere.

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