Living with Pain

by Phyllis
(Riderwood,- Maryland)

I am in pain because the dentist has put in 3 discs over implants in my BOTTOM denture that are too large and I cannot chew. Dentures pop up from my bottom gum and it is agonizing - particularly since top denture does not fit properly Any food I eat lays on top of top denture on the right side and on left side goes under bottom denture .

I had to sign a contract in which he took out $4500 from my bank account in 6 equal payments. I cannot drive and have spent over $500 in cab fares . I had the implants put in 20 years ago . 2 implants are sealed but the gum around one implant is so swollen and sore that I must use pain killer night and day. I went to him because I did not know what to do about the swelling( which is much worse now) and he gave me a prescription for Lidocaine to use daily- and nightly. Then he made both dentures- and they both do not fit.

He makes alterations in his lab .One time he said he could fix the denture and a portion of the denture -half an inch of solid denture split -if I had swallowed it, my throat would have been ripped- and possibly I would have been hospitalized. I am now living in an independent living facility and I don't know where else to go or what to do. If I call him, I have to wait days or weeks and then if he fixes one thing, he creates another serious problem. If only I could find someone who could help me.

I know now that he does not have the ability to handle any major dental work- sadly,

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Seek Treatment NEW
by: Stacey Norrell, RDH


It sounds like you need to see a dentist as soon as possible. If the one who actually fabricated your dentures is not able to handle your case any longer you should find someone in your area that can. Gum tissue should not be swollen around the implant post, it should be pink and you should have no pain. This swelling may be caused by the irritation due to an apparently ill-fitting denture, but it may also be an infection, which would require antibiotics to treat. An ongoing infection can lead to more pain and more problems for you. Lidocaine will numb the pain, but not treat the infection. Getting the infection cleared up around your implant post should be priority at this point.

Your current dentures are not fitting properly or they would not flop around in your mouth when you chew. You mentioned you have had the implants for 20 years. How long have you had your dentures? It is possible that you may just need the top one religned to fit properly but you may need a new set of dentures. Over the years our mouths can change in regards to our bone level. If you have lost more bone then the dentures would not fit as they once did. Do you only have implants on the bottom? I do not understand why the lower denture does not utilize the implant posts on the bottom to “snap” on to. These types of dentures are very stabile and should not move at all.

I know you have spent a lot of money already and the last thing you want to do is spend more, but you must get the inflammation or infection you have on bottom looked at as soon as possible or it will continue to get worse. After that is cleared up, you should move forward with a dentist you can trust to discuss what options he would recommend to get dentures for you that fit properly. It will be life changing to finally get to enjoy a meal with no pain!

Terrible NEW

Very big problem. Sometimes it happens with dental implants.

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