Locators And Dentures

Locators And Dentures-
I am a 65 year old male that wears dentures. A few years ago I had two implants placed and one locator attachment on each one of them where the denture sits. About a month ago I noticed that the denture comes off with less force than it used to before.

It worries me because my dentist hasn't mentioned any changes made to it nor I have requested any. Could it be that there is something wrong with the locator attachments or the denture itself?

Thank you

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Replace Plastic
by: JP

Your dentist might not have noticed that the denture is coming out easier than before. Or he/she probably thought that if you were having a problem you would have said something.

What may have occurred is that over time the plastic piece (also called a nylon) inside the metal housing(that's the metal thing in the denture that looks like a frisbee) has worn out from taking out and putting in your denture. Once the plastic/nylons wear out, your denture will come out easier.

Locator nylons come in several levels of retention, each indicated by a color. Often patients start out with the least retentive type, until they get accustomed to removing the denture. Then over time you may switch to a more retentive color providing it does not cause you discomfort during removal.

You could mention your issue to your dentist. He/she may suggest replacing the nylon with a new one of the same retention, or maybe a more retentive color.

Locator Nylons
by: Gina

I have had 3 implants done, one of them did not integrate properly and my dentist has taken it out.
My final lower overdentures with black nylons inserted have fit for the first 10 days and became very loose that I could remove them with my tongue.

I went back to the dentist and he inserted what looks to me like silver nylons. It felt good and they fit very, very tight. At night the same day I tried to remove them for cleaning and did not get them out. The same happened yesterday night. I got them finally out but I thought I pull the implants out as well and strangely something was bleeding.

I have to go back to my dentist today to have other nylons inserted because I think he has taken the wrong retention strength.

What sizes and strenghts of nylons are available to give my dentist a tip?

Thank you.

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