Look into getting an eye tooth implanted

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I had the eye tooth on the right side of my mouth removed when I was 12 years old (21 years ago)and was due an appointment to have the other one removed a few weeks later due to overcrowding. There was a lot going on in our family at the time and I missed the appointment and didn't visit a dentist again until the age of 16. By that stage my two front teeth were sticking out and had been pushed to the right side.

I asked the dentist about having the other eye tooth removed to correct this and he told me he could remove another tooth just to the right of my front teeth and they would naturally fall into place, because he didn't want to put the cost off getting braces on my mother and that when I was grown up and able to pay for my own braces I could go about fixing my teeth myself.

I don't think this was a serious suggestion as it would have caused my two front teeth to placed completely on the right side of my mouth, which I would find even more distressing.

My teeth pose no problems to my health but I hate smiling as I feel my teeth are so unsightly. I have been looking around on the internet to see if anyone else had the same problem, and also, if it is wise to have the other eye tooth. I have read that having an eye tooth removed can be a bad idea as it can affect the structure of your face.

I am wondering if it would be advised to have the second eye tooth removed at my age (33) or if I should look into getting an eye tooth implanted on the right side an have a different tooth removed, or if that would even be possible? Do you think I could get my teeth straightened out and would it be a very costly or long procedure?
Thank you for your time

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Removing Another Tooth NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH


Usually eye teeth are NOT removed for crowding reasons. The tooth that is normally removed is the first bicuspid (directly behind the eye tooth) and this is in conjunction with orthodontic therapy (braces). Simply removing a tooth does not "naturally" cause other teeth to correct themselves and straighten. Eye teeth are very important due to the length of root and are rarely extracted for cosmetic reasons.

My very best advice would be to see an orthodontist about braces. This is the only way you will ultimately achieve the straight smile that you are wanting. He/she will observe what teeth need to be moved where, and which (if any) teeth should be extracted before the braces are placed on.

There are several braces options available for adults today, which make them less "unsightly" and not as noticeable.

Good luck.

read this NEW
by: danny

If you need your teeth to be aligned, then you will definitely have to do some surgical procedures for that. removing a teeth, may it be an eye tooth, is not gonna help. Try removing the most troublesome tooth and go for a teeth correction procedure. how to fix internet explorer on windows 8

It is a good idea NEW
by: patinson

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If you are having problems NEW
by: Morris

If you are having problems with your teeth then you should consider accessing a good dental care clinic. When it comes to dealing with any kind of health problem, you should consider approaching a good health care clinic like http://cyfairmedicalpartners.com.

take Care!! NEW
by: Harry Joel

Do you really have to go for an implant? I mean, you should try to take assisted living colorado springs you teeth out. But going for an implant can be a bit dangerous as this can prove to be infectious.

Only a dentist could NEW
by: morris

Only a dentist could give you the right advice regarding this. However, those who want to try out some other kind of alternative medicine like acupuncture or herbal they can find the solution they need at http://drbryanmd.com/acupuncture-herbal-medicine/.

You do not know whether NEW
by: modhu

You do not know whether you have to remove the tooth or have to undergo some other procedure. So it would be better to consult with a good dentist. No matter what kind of health problem you face you should approach a reputed doctor. If you are planning on getting liposuction done then you should contact Dr. Greg Ganske, he could be contacted at http://www.gregganskemd.com/.

When you feel that NEW
by: patinson

When you feel that your tooth is causing problem, you should contact your dentist immediately. Most dental clinics these days offer advanced treatment solutions including Invisalign.

http://www.whowritesbest.com/rushessay-com-review/ NEW
by: Anonymous

This is some what painful procedure. First the desired area to to be drilled for making a whole. Then a screw is inserted and with its help only eye tooth is implanted.

Instead of wasting time you NEW
by: satman

Instead of wasting time you should concentrate on finding a good dental clinic that could fix your problem. However, you should get the procedure done from only a reputed clinic. The same rule should be followed for other medical issues, if you want to find a good facility that offers lap band surgery in St. Petersburg FL then choose Bay Surgical Specialists, PA.

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