Lost crown from my implant

Can I glue my crown back onto my implant abutment? The abutment is firmly in my jaw...no gum problems I just need to have it put back on. If I can't do it, what is the ball park median to have it placed back on it's abutment. I have no dental insurance now and am not working.

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by: Anonymous

Do Not do it yourself! Go see your dentists only he should put it back.
Usualy it will not cost you anything if you visit the dentist who placed it originaly .

Go to your dentist

Go to your dentist ,it will not cost much,don't do it your self

My crown keeps falling from my implant! NEW
by: Ophelia

I have the same problem. My implant is intact but the crown just won't stick permanently. It falls off every 3 to 6 months after being cemented back with strong and permanent cement. It has been going on like this since 6 years ago and I am really fed up as my dentist who did the implant for me has no other better solution.

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