Lost his upper front teeth while playing in school

by shravani

Today my brother lost his upper front teeth while playing in school. It was completely broken from the very base of gum. He is 15 years old.

Some doctors are saying that new teeth can be grown within few months,and some are saying it is impossible. Can it grow really? If so what is the time duration? Can we insert temporary teeeth ? If we insert temporary teeth,does it effect the growth of natural teeth?

please give me an answer as early as possible?
my mom is crying a lot.

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Broken Tooth NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Shravani,

It is not yet something that dentists can do, to place a new tooth in to grow where a permanent tooth is missing. Yes, there are some research studies being conducted but it is not clinically available yet. Maybe years from now.

Your brother needs to see a dentist to restore or remove any remaining broken pieces of tooth that are still in place. There may be root tips under the gums that could become infected.

It is very common to have trauma to the upper anterior teeth during contact sports and physical activity. Your brother is not yet old enough to be a candidate for dental implants for another few years, but a temporary option would be to place a type of bridge in the area of that missing tooth so that he can smile and talk without a gap showing. Sometimes even the natural tooth can be used and cemented back in place to buy some time. Call your dentist immediately.

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