lost implant screw

by Cynthia
(Rhode Island)

I am scheduled to get my implant placed in January..but the screw to hold the implant just fell out of my mouth. My emergency dentist appointment isn't for another 3 days..what should I do until then?

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Keep it and return it to your dentist
by: Dr Farhan Durrani

Please elaborate your question , in general ? the implant is drilled into the bone ,a healing cover is placed on the implant head when surgery is finished. I presume that your implant has come out! - keep it and return it to your dentist ,he or she can get the replacement and a new implant can be used in your mouth after six months without much cost.

lost implant
by: Anonymous

Thank you! My appointment is on Monday afternoon. What should I do until then?
Just try and keep it clean?
Should I take antibiotics?

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by: Soucy

I think you should not eat hard foods until you visit your dentist. If your implant gets damaged in any means, then you will lose your money and again you will have to fix a new one instead of the old. So take care! Makowsky purse

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