Low Cost Dental Implants

by Joseph K.

Where can I find low cost dental implants?
My dentist said that my only option at this point is to go for surgery and have dental implants put in my upper jaw.

Since I am missing 3 teeth the cost is going to be very high.
I really need this surgery and i'm looking for low cost dental implants.
Any suggestions ?
I read somewhere that I can go to a university or dental school and be an "experiment" where dental students practice on me and they get to practice and I get my treatment for free or for a very low cost!
Is that true or just a myth?


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Affordable dental implants
by: you friend

Hi buddy, visit www.dentalimplantrajkot.com, you will get best dentist with most reliable treatments.

Get the full picture
by: Anonymous

like mentioned - allways check the price for the full complete tooth - that includes the implant and the the crown.
Many dentists like to play around with the price - one would say $500 for the implant - but when you need to put the crown on top of it he will charge another $2500 so the toatl is $3000 for a complete tooth on an implant.
other dentists will just tell you $1500 for the implant and another $1500 for the crown - and this is the same as the first option!
So - ask the price for the full treatment!

It's like the joke with the guy that wants to buy shoes he really likes.
And the sales man says it's on a really big sale - the left shoe is only $5 !!!
Wow says the customer -
" How much for the right shoe? "...
"The right one is not on sale - so it's $95...." he answers

Ask for the full treatment

Low Cost Dental Implants - The best is just across the border
by: Anonymous

We offer $1,600 implants including the highest quality zirconium crowns and top notch specialists just across the border from Laredo, TX.

You'll drive or fly domestic to Laredo, TX, and have surgery done that same day just across the border. After staying that night at the Residence Inn on the US side, you'll come in the morning to the clinic for a last check and you'll be ready to go back home. All ground transportation taken care of.

A three day second trip is required two months later to place a customized, high quality crown.

Travel For Care

Best price guarateed!
by: David

Get it done right, right here in America! $1295 complete. Implant,abutment and crown with lifetime guarantee.

ClearChoice is costly, but fast and expertly done!
by: Mr. Dirt-Poor Happy-Smile

$3,900 per tooth at ClearChoice, it's a franchise that uses a patented process nobody else seems to know or understand (at least in my town) and they have a bunch of locations nationwide.

Cost is on the very high end of the scale, but everything is done in-house and there's no waiting for 6 months to over a year like my other implant. ClearChoice attached my new-porcelain tooth/crown the very same day they drilled into my jawbone, installed the Procera Zirconia post/abutment and placed the porcelain tooth and I was able to eat and smile (finally!) the very same day I went in.

They did it all in about 3 hours flat, you're in-and-out before you know it. The only downside to Clear Choice implants is that glaring cost, I mean a $1,000+ an hour pay, who do you know that earns a thousand dollars or more per hour?

Clear Choice doctors are good and seem to know their stuff though I admit there were some areas they seemed biased about (which I think are narrow contraints put on them by ClearChoice as a franchise, and not their own best-practice from experience) but I digress.

When I was at my local branch for a ClearChoice tour (check site, they give guided tours of the facilites without any sales pressure) they had nine people there in various stages of partial and full-mouth implant surgery, it's a near human assembly-line of implant procedures, but they treat you like royalty for the short time you're under the knife and bone drill (and they should for what they charge!)

But for the ease of dental implantation these guys make an otherwise long and exhausting ordeal, I would probably go there again knowing what I know about the location we have here. The Dr. who did my implant is a top-notch expert in his field, I independently researched his name and American Dental Association ID# online and was more impressed each time I did a Google search.

Anyway, if you need an immediately functioning, same-day implant and have a spare 3-5 grand to blow, ClearChoice.com is your ticket! Full mouth denture-implants (upper/lower) is around fifty thousand dollars (yes= $50,000.00!!) I priced them for full-mouth just for the hell of it. Way outta my league.

i do it for 800 $ -1000 $ per implant
by: dr rajesh

hi, i do it for 800 $ to 1000 $ per tooth implant with crown.contact me at pinkcitydental@yahoo.com

Dental implants abroad
by: Anonymous

One way of lowering the cost of dental implants is Traveling abroad for cheaper treatments.

Check out this article to learn more

Implants done at dental school are a very good...
by: Anonymous

I agree that implants are extremely over priced, in the private sector. Implants done at dental school are a very good way to go especially if they are done by a resident in oral surgery, not a dental student. Residents already are licensed dentists, but are going on to specialize in oral surgery for 2-3 years.

Ask what year of residency they are in to help in your determination. They are under the supervision of an attending dentist or oral surgeon who evaluates your overall treatment plan with the resident. Costs can be significantly lower. I have had much of my own complex dental work done by students with very good results.

Also, there are many good dentists in Mexico (DO YOUR RESEARCH) that charge about $800 for an implant vs $2000 in the U,S. and $350 for a crownvs $1,000 If the dentist is trained in the U.S. you can check their credentials. No matter who you decide to go with, ask a lot of questions and research your options thoroughly.

Hope this helps?
Oral surgery nurse - on implants

Check Out Georgia Implants
by: No Dents

I went to Clear Choice. Too expensive.

I found w.georgiaimplants.com

I know it says Georgia but you can be living anywhere. They are a great dental referral services for dental implant clinics in Costa Rica.

They say all their services are free and it is true.

The guy I worked with was about my age and knew a lot about the whole implant procedure.

I replaced dentures that I had hated for years. Got the deluxe package, full mouth, for $19,500 - 16 implants 28 zirconium crowns - Wow!! Changed my whole life.

You do have to add about $2,500 air and hotel. Also I did have to spend 2 weeks there.

You can get great dental in Costa Rica at a fraction of the cost. Georgia Implants helped make it all possible.

respond NEW
by: loan

When you are in not good state and have got no cash to move out from that, you will have to receive the personal loans. Just because it will help you emphatically. I take student loan every time I need and feel myself OK because of that.

by: Anonymous

I had implant two mini and they came out in one year and two large implant and they are coming out

by: Anonymous

I had implant two mini and they came out in one year and two large implant and they are coming out

I agree NEW
by: Anonymous

I prefer extra sauce and light cheese on my pizza.

Go to Costa Rica! NEW
by: Anonymous

I just had 20 crowns done at Prisma Dental, www.prismadental.com Mention my name when you contact them and you will know I am telling the truth.

John Kennedy in New Jersey

dental procedures NEW
by: David K

I recently reviewed a claim for payment that was submitted by my dentist that was paid by my insurance company which is Delta Dental. And the incredible thing that I noticed was that for every single claim that was made the actual payment was anywhere from 50% to 70%. In other words, for a $1000.00 procedure, my dentist actually got paid 500 to 700 dollars. So for my mother who does not have insurance, I have to pay the full $1,000.00 for the same procedure. This can't be right, can it?

Low cost dental implants in Baltimore NEW
by: Edward Leventhal

Our dental implant fees:

First implant- $800
Other implants $700
First PFM Crown $800
Other PFM Crowns $700
Each Post $250

Total costforFirst implant, post and Crown $1850.
Second and each extra Implant Post & Crown $1650

Quality products, dentist has over 20 years
experience placing dental implants.
The Dental Center, 8860 Belair Road, Baltimore, MD 410-2567300

Low cost dental implants in Baltimore NEW
by: Edward Leventhal

Our dental implant fees:

First implant- $800
Other implants $700
First PFM Crown $800
Other PFM Crowns $700
Each Post $250

Total costforFirst implant, post and Crown $1850.
Second and each extra Implant Post & Crown $1650

Quality products, dentist has over 20 years
experience placing dental implants.
The Dental Center, 8860 Belair Road, Baltimore, MD 410-2567300

Half price dental implants NEW
by: Anonymous


Quality implants in Baltimore for half price.

california dental implants NEW
by: Helen Green

I am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It truly and useful.
It helped me out a lot. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me.

California dental implants
Pasadena dental implants

need my smile back NEW
by: connie shirley

Have bone loss due to smoking, gums have drasticly moved away from teeth, also wanting to know if I can go to a college to receive implants @ low cost, even free for becoming a study patient? And if so please provide the info please. I live in Texas. Thank you :-)

need my smile back NEW
by: connie shirley

Have bone loss due to smoking, gums have drasticly moved away from teeth, also wanting to know if I can go to a college to receive implants @ low cost, even free for becoming a study patient? And if so please provide the info please. I live in Texas. Thank you :-)

Don't you think it should be free NEW
by: Anonymous

I think paying for any denture implants is just stupidity
Well the truth should be out Have yo all considered why at some people of young age or before they get to there 40 men and women are looking for implants it's not the victims fault but rather of the most poisones chemicals that the govememt have put our so called fresh water next time you turn your tap on or have a drink of water rember THAT ALL WATER IS NOW IS VERY HIGH IN. fluriode fluriode fluoride which is the most poisness so we are actually not drinking water we are drinking poision. Have you considered your tooth paste your using has the most high in fluriode well if fluoride can kill a human imagine that it is killing your teeth and gums as well as your organs did you know that most recommended dentist use is oral b well they don't it's part the dentist recommend you to use because you are doing them a favour toake there money by implants and any white teethe makes your hair go grey how much is the government hiding from us I think the world should open up there eyes to those poor victims just to make the government happy
For all of you out there plse do your research on your water and no there is no filter that takes away the fluriode from out water and don't go buying any bottled water the fluriode is still in the bottle Make sure when you buy your tooth paste if there is a label marked in black this black mark means it has the worst and the most chemicals and in most herbal tooth paste just because it's herbal tooth paste dosent mean it's safe to use. You should check if there is a black label even if it's herbal now you know why dentist are so expensive if we didn't have all that chemical in our water and tooth paste how wil the dentist make there money well they can't
Because if we were to have no fluoride at all dentist will not exist. Have you ever thought whe sitting down at the dentist if a dentist has 3 patients a day wow rich enough to buy more than 30 palaces in a year
I think it should be free
In most cases
Have you ever considered
That some people say that death is cheaper than implants
Well it's true thanx to the water most people wont reach the age of 55 years because of the poisness water were drinking
And that's exactly what happening
In this era today


dentists should have people show tax returns OR pay checks and CUT PRICES WAY DOWN for those who can't afford them

I hope a price war happens on implants happening from people leaving the country to get them

some dentists would makes more money by SLASHING PRICES and getting more people in their offices

Costs and How Payment Is Made NEW
by: Before I make a CLEAR CHOICE?

Been reading posts all morning from patients, employees and insurance groups that have had experiences with Clear Choice Dental Implants. Good and Bad. I have many questions about the cost, procedure and follow up care. 1. Please post your experience with Clear Choice in detail about the financial options discussed. What do they offer and expect from clients for a 40K plus procedure? 2. Is there really a dependable professional full upper and lower Implant Dental Clinic that is less in the US? Thanks for your comments. Signed: Before I Make A CLEAR CHOICE.

affordable dental implants abroad NEW
by: Anonymous

Dear Joseph,

To be honest, implants are extremely over priced, in the private sector.
But more and more people thinking to travel abroad for their necessary dental treatment.
If you choose which package do you prefer, you can save 70% on the price.

On this page you find some current offer:


Cheap Dental Implants Centers in Mexico NEW
by: PlacidWay

If you want a low cost dental implants then going to Mexico is the best choice. There are cheap dental implants centers in Mexico and here are some of those centers: http://www.placidway.com/search/Mexico,Dental-Implants,/search.html.

Find the cost of dental implants for any city... NEW
by: Anonymous


Find your city (or the city closest to you) and you will find the average cost for implant dentistry on that site.

Austin dental implants NEW
by: Austin dental implants

There is lot of articles on the web about this on topic of Austin dental implants.
But I like to give you more,although i found one that’s more dateils.It's rather a nice useful little bit of information.

Austin dental implants

$1500 Full Price--Impnat/abutment/Crown NEW
by: NEW Jersey

$1,500 Per Implant Full Package (Implant + Abutment + Crown) (Wayne, NJ)

Implant service will be operated by well-trained, reliable and experienced dentist, who successfully completed over 3,500 dental implant placements personally in the past four years.

- Worked as Chief Residency Dentist at Bellevue Hospital and Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital; DDS from Dental School of Maryland, the first dental school in U.S; BLA from Harvard.

- Free Consultation for Implants, and Implant-Supported Denture/Dentures

- $1,500 Per Implant Full Package (Implant + Abutment + Crown)

- No Hidden Fee

- Pre-paid in Full Before Procedure for Single Implant, Payment Options for Multi Implants

We, Cozy Family Dental, are located at 1211 Black Oak Ridge Road, Wayne, NJ 07470 and could be reached at 973 - 616 - 4400. We assure you that we are providing most reliable services with very reasonable price.

We speak English, Spanish, Chinese and Portuguese.

There are public bus transportations NJ Transit Bus 197, 748 and 194 around the corner. Please note that NJ Transit Bus 197 could directly carry you from Port Authority Bus Terminal (at Time Square - 42 street, New York City) to our office

David NEW
by: Donna Anonymous

Hi David , where can you have an implant for $ 1295 ? Do you have a web site and what state?
Thanks for your time.

Implant info NEW
by: Justin

I have insurance but I need 3 implants I think my insurance pays $600 per tooth but I need to finance the rest it I have bad credit. I am from Oklahoma. Is there any recommendations.

cheap dental implants NEW
by: cheap dental implants

Cheap dental implants are possible by using various cutting edge technologies.The scientific dental implant treatment is the best solution when it comes to treating lost teeth.

Here to help NEW
by: Med-iterra Holidays

Why not consider traveling abroad for your implants? We work with top-notch dentists offering implants (including crowns) for just under US $1,000.

Check us out: www.med-iterra.com

Re:New Jersey NEW
by: Anonymous

Can I get a little bit more information about NJ dentist? I need 3 implants and a bridge.If you answer will provide contact info.

Oregon Inexpensive Implants? NEW
by: Anonymous

I am a 60 year old woman with severe bone loss after wearing dentures for 30 years. Getting numbness of chin and bottom lip. Is there anyone in this state who will do lower implants and possible bone grafting if needed at a reasonable cost? I'm in the Eugene area and on a very limited budget. Would minis work for me?

can some one help me with my dental problem NEW
by: Tory Gardner

i live in Atlanta,Georgia i wanted to know if it is a free charitable dental program in atlanta for dental implants im missing four front teeth i receive social security disability benefits from the government and i can't afford this procedure can somebody direct me to a program that helps individuals out in my predicament i want to be able to smile again im 20years old and i wanna be able to enjoy a beautiful smile again if anybody have anytype of information on free dental implant program's can you please contact me at at my email address at tohobf@yahoo.com

Saint Louis university NEW
by: Crooked Smile

Just wanted to through it out there but I've been researching this topic for yrs and the best I've come up with is SLU Dental school program it is typically half the price of anyone else and do have a few financial options. Sorry I don't have a link for u but just google (Saint Louis university dental program and they have it all in simple straight forward instructions right on the webpage pretty much everything u need to know is there. U should only have to call to schedule an appointment.

Dental. Implant NEW
by: Anonymous

Is any body who can make 6 dental implants complete for $1,200.00 each?

Dental implants NEW
by: Lang lynn

I wanna get 28 implants done and I have great credit and what would be the best insurance to get em done.I just don't have 30000 cash to get em done.is there a way I can get em done and pay a plan 9125483982. I'm a tattooist so I make money every day. So if anyone could help me

Hope People Read For People Need A ClearChoice NEW
by: Anonymous

What I paid at Clear Choice I could have bought an expensive car like a Cadillac or Lexus. Clear Choice is not cheap. They do the work within a day but not cheap. I guess they have to be paid for a whole week when they only work 4 days.

In the beginning when I inquired about the implants, I was told the implants were under a lifetime warrant and that the material was what they used on the space ships at NASA.

That changed after I had the procedure done and started having teeth that popped out. They said the warranty was only good for 5 years. Check out Information under Corporate Information/ClearChoice Dental Implants, on the internet.

They have a flaw when making the implants because I keep having problems where the teeth keep popping out of the frame.

They told me it was time that I get a new set of implants (more money). I am not rich and live on Social Security. I am now thinking of getting dentures and going to Mexico. I cannot afford to go every year and get new implants.

I think the industry for making implants need to do more research for better quality and design.

Zirconia Implant Bridge NEW
by: Anonymous

Anyone know of a reputable dentist in the West Palm Beach Florida area that does Zirconia Implant Bridges for under $20,000 total including the cost of bone grafting & sinus lift if needed???

Implants NEW
by: Anonymous

Due to neglect my teeth where becoming extremely unattractive, whitening didn't cut it. I my dentist quoted me $5000 per implant, grafting and porcelain crowns included. X-ray and sedation another $1200. I shopped around in my town of St. Petersburg, Florida and was quoted $53.000 to pull all the teeth, but sinus lifting and bone grafting would be extra. a woman I met at a health food store told me about how she spent $600 per implant in Costa Rica, I immediately asked for a contact number and after calling them I booked a flight from Tampa to San Jose, Costa Rica for $218.00. Arranged with the clinic to coordinate scuba diving before doing any surgery. (Saw a 3' turtle and a 5' white tip shark in 82 degree weather) They picked me up at the airport, took me to see the Doctor/Dentist and after an hour of evaluation he took full mouth X-rays (panoramic). We discussed alternative approached based on pricing. I settled on the top drawer option, 14 implants (titanium posts). Sedation, porcelain teeth, bone grafting. And follow up treatments for gum grafting where needed. Warranted for 10 years free checkups (3 x year) for $21,000 cash. More if paid in Installments, do the math. In the USA per implant average $5,000 all inclusive implants/crowns/sinus lifts/ other procedures. 14 x 5000 = $70,000 U.S. dollars. (Doesn't include interest if financing). The USA Dentists are pushing "all on four" starting at $30,000. Again do the math, 14 + everything for less then $22,000 versus minimum $70,000 US. Forget the propaganda that the best dentists are in the USA. My guy spun circles around the dentist I met in St. Petersburg, Florida. Besides what dentist do you know has a driver pick up up at the airport, coordinate two dives of the CR coast, and then puts you up for $35.00 a night for follow up care and diet preparations.

by: searcher

Such unmoderated Spam on this site
Would never trust any site mentioned

Cheap implants NEW
by: Anonymous

Yeah, fly to Mexico,or Costa Rica with vast quantities of cash and never be seen again... or wake up with an infection that turns septic and you die. Come on people... "Cheap/discount implants" should make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.

Mrs. NEW
by: Anonymous

Do you have a clear choice dentist in Panama City Fl?

Dental inplants NEW
by: Maria Poe

I am 65 and live on a fix income I really really want dental implants so I will be able to eat what I want. I know they are not cheap but I feel my mouth will not look beautiful until I get implants

College Student Implant
by: fitzdman

Dental Implants is a complicated procedure and I wouldn't want some amateur screwing around inside my mouth. However, when I was a teenager I some wisdom teeth removed at a dental college. So yes, they used to do dental work for a very low fee but I'm not sure if they still do it. I would trust having a tooth pulled by a student but not for installing implants. Implants are something that you want to get done right the first time or in the long run you may end you paying a great deal more. Would you let just anyone work on your vehicle?
Probably not !_! Do you care more about your vehicle than you do yourself?

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