Low WBC and dental implants

Low WBC and dental implants:
My friend was just informed she had a low white blood cell count and was anemic.
I don't know what type of anemia they are referring to, but she is not informing her doctor doing the surgery. I have warned her of the increased risk of infection. What other complications could arise?

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She Should inform

Bleeding ,infections, ulcerations in mouth, decreased healing ,implant failure

WBC patient
by: Dr. Victor Teran

I would recommend this patient to first visit a physician, and have the anemia under control, and when the white cells count and the plaquetes are normalized, the dental implant treatment can start, and there will be no risk or failure, during and after the dental implant procedure, otherewise it will, for sure your dentist will require a signed form by your physician before the dental implant treatment begins.

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by: Xavi Thomas

First of all you have to consult a good physician and undergo treatment to control anemia. Only after that consult your dentist and think about fixing dental implants. Otherwise you cannot do the dental implantation properly. Let try this order. Beverly Diamonds Reviews

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