Marijuana use and dental implants

Is marijuana use as bad as cigarette smoking after having dental implants??

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Marijuana use and dental implants
by: Dr. S

Smoking isn?t recommended during the early stages of the healing process after dental implant surgery for a few reasons:
? The smoke from the cigarettes dries up the gums and soft tissue in the mouth ? This is bad for blood circulation in the implant area and causes less blood from being supplied to the implant area. Optimal blood supply is crucial for successful bone regeneration.

? Inhaling cigarette smoke generates back pressure / vacuum forces that are not natural to the physiology of our teeth/jaw. These pressures are bad for the newly implanted teeth ? especially when the implant is not fully osseointegrated(attached) with the bone.

Since cannabis has an adverse effect on dental implants, marijuana smokers who have such implants are advised to quit ingesting the weed and instead seek treatment for marijuana addiction

Dr. S

Tabaco/ Cannabis?
by: Anonymous

In case of implant or bone adding in the mouth, what's the worst tobacco or Marijuana?

If it were addictive
by: Dr. Fearmonger

Please do your research...Cannabis is not addictive unless you have an addictive personality...I have been smoking for 30 years and I stop for weeks and months at a time would ABSOLUTELY NO craving or desire. UCLA medical has done many studies and found the same results.

so good NEW
by: Berllanu

I would not recommend the use of marijuana at all, it can help in the pain, but the problems that come with the use of it scared me even more. So it is good to endure a bit of pain rather than taking the risk of using such things.Web Based EMR

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by: Anonymous

It's surprising to know all these wonderful facts about marijuana when considered about the dental implants. I hope they give the best cure for implants and help them in a better way to get recovered.

Marijuana and dental implants NEW
by: Anonymous

Can anyone tell me what sources are being used to answer these questions? it is my understanding that since marijuana is illegal few, if any, studies are done involving marijuana. So how do you know that it's bad for implants?

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