Metal of the implant protruding thorough the gum

I can feel the metal of the implant protruding thorough the gum - does it matter? - Had implant surgery several months ago, but haven't yet saved the money for the final stage (placing the false tooth).

The other day I noticed that one of the metal rods is at the surface of the gum - I can feel it with my tongue & the area looks slightly grey/white.

Does this matter?

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Same thing
by: Anonymous

I have had my implant for years but the same thing is happening I can feel the metal through the gums...

Protruding Metal
by: Sharon B., RDH


Without being able to clinically see your tooth or an x-ray, I'm not able to give you a positive answer as to whether or not this impant is ok or not. It could just be that a portion of the area around the implant is thinner than others, so that you can see it through the gums. If you notice, some teeth you can also see the roots of the tooth outlined through the gums (the canine's especially). However, if there is infection around the implant it may be causing it to shift into a position that it should not be, and this can cause any number of problems to the implant as well as the teeth surrounding it. It is wise for you to see your implant specialist immediately for an exam.

Bridge implant hurting my own teeth NEW
by: Anonymous

I had a provisional acrylic bridge implant with 10 teeth in my lower jaw 3 months ago. I also had a bone graft and one sinus lift. Now my own teeth in my upper jaw have started intermittently throbbing, especially at night when I lie down and also if I get hot. Two of my own upper teeth are sore to touch. Also at night my lips tingle. My lips also taste of salt. My dentist said I was grinding my teeth in my sleep and had a night guard made for me. He also thought I was dehydrated. I have been wearing my night guard for about 3 weeks now but things are no better. Drinking lots of water now also. Any comments please?

ca1 NEW
by: Vac

Dentistry has always been a big challenge ever since I can imagine. Not everyone who has a degree alone is capable of doing all things; it takes a lot of experience more than the knowledge to be good at it. EHR

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