Metal poisoning symptoms

by Andre Medina

I have had a metal dental implant on my right top front tooth for almost 8 years, I am now 21. It was a quite long and painful procedure at the time. My dentist also told me to go back when I completed 18 yrs old for a check up. Which I never did because I'm living abroad. My tooth still looks okay, apart from the fact that I can now see a little metal line between my tooth and my gum.

My concern is for maybe 1-2 years I've been experiencing many symptoms that look like metal poisoning symptoms. I've only learned that dental fillings and implants can damage your health very recently now that mainly my neurological symptoms seem like they're getting worse. My idiot of a doctor thinks its anxiety, but that's just because it's an easy diagnosis to make. I have been having extreme shyness lately, so maybe I do have anxiety and depression of some kind, but only as a symptom of whatever is causing me to have such poor physical and mental health.

I'm very sure that I do not have a mental illness caused by a psychiatric condition, my friends and family agree, and I know many people with anxiety and other mental abnormalities. My condition, symptoms do not fall into that category.

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Metal Sensitivity
by: Sharon B., RDH

Are you sure that you had a dental implant placed when you were only 13 years old? Most dental implants are never placed on persons under the age of 18.

It sounds like you are describing having a crown placed on the tooth, that you have now grown out of (the metal line between your tooth and your gum tissue), as your mouth has developed and grown much since 8 years ago.

Mercury content does make up about 1/3 of amalgam ("silver") fillings. Studies have shown that after the removal of amalgam fillings that any sensitivities tend to subside within about 4 weeks of their removal. Normally these fillings (or metal crowns) are replaced with a composite/porcelain restoration which does not contain metal.

What I would recommend is replacing the crown that you have outgrown (which is due up for that reason anyway) with a full porcelain crown. If any symptoms do not subside within the next few months, you will know it was not a metal sensitivity.

18 Is the right age for implant placement

18 is the right age for implant placement. Your dentist should have waited because maxilla grows till that period and there is bone maturation. Any way - get the crown replaced, if implant is well integrated. This is crown problem, no toxicity from implant but mercury yes, that is the reason it is banned in scandinavian countries...

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