Micro Balloon Sinus Lifts

by Robert Comarow
(Davis, California)

Seeking Implant/Oral Surgeon that does Micro Balloon Sinus Lifts


I was told by my oral surgeon he could not do a sinus lift because I have an artery in the Sinus.

However, I was advised to check out Isreali Dental tourism and they looked at my cat scan and said they could do a Sinus Lift safely to add graphting material and do dental implants.

I would love to find a local dentist that is well versed in micro baloon sinus lift and perform implants.

I live in Davis, CA near Sacramento. If not, a treatment center at least in Northern California.
If not, at least one performed in the US. Hopefully
someone in the Sacramento area.

I can send cat scans if you wish.

My email address is comarow@yahoo.com
My phone number is 321-591-1954

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Sinus Lift in California NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Robert,

A balloon sinus lift is not a routine procedure that most dentists or even some dental implant dentists perform. You will need to contact area oral surgeons or implant specialists to determine whether or not this is a service that they offer, and then communicate with them directly to see if they are comfortable performing that procedure under your individual circumstances. There are many cases where one specialist may feel comfortable performing a particular procedure on a particular patient when another practitioner is not.

Good Luck,


reply NEW
by: Kinda

The post on the micro balloon sinus lifts was much informative. I am planning to have a dental implant for me, but I didn’t know that this can affect sinus also. Thank you so much for sharing the x-ray images also. Bearpaws boots

Informative NEW
by: Edric

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