Mini Dental Implant

Mini dental implant, also known as a MDI's, is a miniature titanium dental implant that acts as a tooth root replacement. It is significantly thinner than the traditional dental implants and was originally designed for retaining dentures.

The dental implant mini is a 1 piece titanium screw with a ball shaped head as compared to a traditional dental implant that is made of the implant and the abutment which is connected on top of it. The dental mini implants ball shaped head "snap" into a socket-like connector – this connector is a retaining fixture that is incorporated into the base of the denture.

The connection is achieved using a rubber o-ring inside the socket connector, providing adequate retaining force to hold the dentures in place while performing everyday activities(eating, talking etc...). By applying a bit more force, the connection can be forced open, enabling the removal of the dentures.

mini dental implants
The use of mini implants has become more common as procedures have gotten easier and success rates grown higher with the years. Thanks to the high success rates and the ease of the procedure, dentists have found additional uses for the dental mini implants: for example – as an alternative for a conventional dental implant in simple cases or in single tooth replacements where the forces on the implants are not too big.

Due to the smaller dimensions of the dental mini implants (at 2 mm as opposed to 4mm - 5.75mm they are significantly narrower than dental implants) they also are used in cases where the site for implantation is too narrow for a conventional dental implant.

The lower price of mini dental implants compared to the conventional implants is a major factor in their popularity! The MDI's can be as much as 60% cheaper than conventional dental implants.

The dental implant mini procedure is a single stage procedure as compared with 2 stages in the conventional dental implants. The entire procedure can be completed in less than 2 hours, as it is a minimally invasive surgical technique where no cutting of the gums is required and no stitches have to be removed.

The procedure is quick, and as simple as drilling a small pilot hole into the jaw bone and then screwing in the mini dental implant until it is completely in with only the ball head showing. If a denture is to be mounted on the dental mini implants then additional preparation will be needed to place the connectors to the dentures in the right positions.

If an implant was placed for any other use (Ex:tooth replacement), the dentist will then prepare and restore the implant to its final look and use.

This modern advance in dental health enables us to visit our dentist in the morning, have a Mini Dental Implant placed in about an hour or two, and leave his office with stable, secure dentures attached to our implants – this is why they are commonly known as :same day implants or single day implants.

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