Minor freak out...

The temporary crown on my tooth implant is loose. I'm not due to go back and see the dentist to get the permanent one until July. What do I do?!

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Minor freak out
by: DR. MN6975

If your temporary dental crown does happen to come loose you should contact your dentist's office so they can provide you with specific instructions and also make arrangements for you to come in and have it recemented.

In regards to that time period before you get back to your dentist's office to have the temporary crown recemented, your dentist might suggest that you simply place the temporary crown right back on your tooth. Doing so can protect the tooth somewhat from irritating stimuli such as hot or cold liquids. Wearing the temporary crown will also hold the tooth in place and keep it from shifting position (an important factor in how well or how easily your permanent dental crown can be fitted). Report to your dentist if you find that the bite on your temporary crown seems incorrect when you place back on your tooth. If this is the situation you find your dentist will probably prefer that you leave the temporary crown off.

If your uncemented temporary dental crown doesn't seem to stay in place very well your dentist might suggest that you fill it with toothpaste, petroleum jelly, or else denture adhesive before you place it over your tooth (this technique should only be used for a few days duration).

Of course your dentist will no doubt advise you that you will need to be careful with your temporary crown until they have a chance to recement it. Especially in those cases where the temporary is easily dislodged, your dentist will probably suggest that your temporary crown should be removed when you sleep or eat. Anytime your temporary crown is not in your mouth you should keep it wet. Put it in a glass of water or close it up in a baggie with a moist piece of paper towel.

need doctor advice NEW
by: Shawn

I think you need to go to your doctor as soon as possible and fix the temporary crown. In some case this happens and it will be dangerdiscrimination lawyers if it get swallowed while you eating something.

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