Missing baby lower incisor tooth

by michelle

My (almost) 3yo son is missing baby lower incisor tooth. Is this something I should be looking to take action on now or wait and see if a permanent tooth comes in?

It was noted in dental records today as LR2. However, to my untrained eye all his incisors look evenly spaced within the naturally four tooth space. There are gaps between each of the incisors, but no obvious large gap to slot in an implant, so do we act now and start the slow process of moving the teeth into place?

My dentist did not notice the absence of his incisor until I pointed it out and has never seen or heard of such a thing, so I'm looking for some expert advice on what I should do please.

Many thanks

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Missing Primary Tooth
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hello Michelle,

It's relatively common to be missing a lower incisor tooth. It doesn't happen very often, but when it does there are usually only one missing. Many times one of the parents is missing the same tooth.

In order to determine if there is a permanent tooth developing or not, your dentist will need to take an occlusal x-ray to see if there are any tooth buds underneath the primary tooth.

Tooth spacing in baby teeth is wonderful. Large spaces mean they can have more room for the larger permanent teeth to erupt.

Implants are never placed on young children. Baby teeth are only permanent and are meant to fall out as the adult tooth pushes the tooth out of the way while it forms. If the permanent tooth is missing you will wait for all of the permanent incisors to erupt before deciding what to do. You will work alongside of an orthodontist who may either decide to close the spaces and use 3 incisors in the front instead of 4 (this is what many people do and I rarely even notice it!) or open the space up with braces and wait for him to turn 18 when he will be physically mature enough to have an implant placed.

Hope that helps!

Normal condition NEW
by: George

I think you should wait until the permanent tooth comes for the baby. In some case there will be a delay in the Meaningful Use Stage 2 Attestation growth of permanent tooth. My elder son had similar issue like this but he is okay now.

Missing baby lower incisor tooth NEW
by: JerryK

I think removable bridge is a good option for you. It will conserve your teeth and also maintain a perfect gap for your new implant surgery. You have asked a good question as many people would have it in their mind. Where can I get essay writing services reviews for Dentistry related topics? Thanks

No Problem!! NEW
by: Jana Brey

This does not happen very often. But it is not something to be worried of too. You just need to visit a doctor and ask him nurse courses
to make way for the lower incisor and he might be able to help you with that.

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