Molar removed, do you require an implant

by Linda

I just had my 7th molar removed (top right) and I was wondering whether it is advised to get a dental implant. It was removed because it was cracked severally.

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Dental Implants
by: Professor BD

Inserting a Dental Implant is absolutely the right way to go in your case. Dental implants are stronger and more durable than their restorative counterparts (bridges/dentures) and are just as strong and will perform just as well as regular teeth would.

The most important things to consider before deciding on implants is to make sure you go to a skilled Dentist or Oral Surgeon who has performed many similar cases.

Best of Luck

Dental Implant
by: Emergency dentist

Adding an implant would be the ideal option. It will preserve bone and prevent adjacent teeth from drifting.">Emergency Dental

Dental Implant - Not always the best option
by: Smile Doctor

When an upper second molar in removed sometimes a dental implant is not the best option. The back of the mouth represents the area with the highest biting forces, in these places the implant is at a high failure rate. Also the bone in the top jaw in the back is less dense which makes implants a little less predictable.

I suggest visiting your dentist and reviewing your options, the implant may not be the best choice.

Thornhill Smile Centre General+Aesthetic Dentistry

csf1 NEW
by: Bacin

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by: Anonymous

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Molar removed, do you require an implant NEW
by: Anonymous

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Implant NEW
by: Anonymous

For me also molar removed and I require dental implant. My dentist advised me to undergo total implant and that time essay writing site offered me best advice when I am writing a paper on dental implant. The good thing for me is dental bone is strong enough to sustain drilling for implant.

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