Moving Baby Teeth with Braces

I was hoping to get good advice about Moving Baby Teeth with Braces.

I am a 30 year old woman with five baby teeth in place that have very strong roots. I do not have the missing adult teeth at all waiting to come down. I never developed them. I have one baby canine tooth that has pushed my front teeth to the left a little bit. The baby canine on my left side did fall out but there is a small gap on that side of my mouth.

My ortho wants to pull the right baby canine in order to align the front teeth with the center of my mouth and in order to close the gap... move the rest of my teeth forward from the back to the front.

My problem is that I have two baby molars on top and I’m afraid if I move them forward they will fall out and cause me to need implants - which I do not want. The ortho tells it's worth the risk because I have strong roots on those baby teeth.

I was hoping to get some good advice as I am scheduled to have the baby canine removed tomorrow and I am very hesitant. Do baby teeth fall out if you move them with braces no matter how strong the root?

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Ortho Tx NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

I would highly recommend following your orthodontist's recommendations about orthodontic therapy regarding your primary teeth. If you are lucky enough to have long roots on them, they may respond to slow orthodontic therapy how he wants. If you loose them during ortho therapy most likely you will lose them anyway, as most primary teeth do not make it much past 30 years of age for those people that still have them.

Reply NEW
by: Dayne

It is not sure that we can move baby teeth using braces. It certainly depends up on many factors like its size, spot, etc. I think sometimes it is better to remove. Before taking a decision you have to consult a good dentist and act up on according to his/ her advice.

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