MRI And Dental Implants.

Hello! My name is Nataly.I have 4 dental implants placed 2 years ago.Now I have to have MRI done.I don't know what kind of implants I have.

I heard that magnetically-activated implants are not safe for MRI? How do i find out what kind of implants I have?

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MRI And Dental Implants

hi Nataly.
please tell me - what type of connection do you have between your dental implant and the crown(the connection between the root and crown)are those fixed or removable?
Commonly the fixed crown with root implants (screw or cemented types) is not magnetically-activated.
Additionally - did you take your implants history from your dentist? this can help you to know what kind are your implants .

Titanium dental implants
by: K M

Hello it's me again. I have found out the material that was used for my implants. It is titanium implants which the doctor claims contains a small element of magnet. I wasn't able to find the doctor who performed the operation for me. The person who gave me this information does not know anything else. Do I have to request my records from them to show to the radiology department or is this enough information? I do not remember if I mentioned it to you in the last email but I will have a brain MRI. What is your opinion towards these implants and do you think there might be the possibility that magnets are embedded within my gum? Thank you so much for your answer. I really appreciate it.

Titanium dental implant and MRI
by: Meli

I too am wondering about MRI's and titanium implants. Initially my implants were to hold in a denture. The denture had a magnet in it that connected to the implant.

If I hold a magnet near the implant, it does grab. Does this mean I cannot have an MRI?

Root canal NEW
by: Sharon

Usually the crown is done by using cement and screw. The root canal treatment is done before placing the crown. The EHR solutions treatment method may vary depending upon the condition of the teeth. MRI has nothing to do with it.

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