My daughter is almost seventeen, are implants an option?

by Carol Doyle
(Cheshire )

My daughter is coming up to seventeen years of age, she has lost her central incisor due to an accident and would like to recieve a dental implant. A dentist at the dental hospital recommended to wait until she is at least eighteen years of age so her growth is complete.

I have researched the case and discovered that it is neccessary to wait until the growth of my daughter is complete before an implant is an avaiable option. I plan for her to recieve an x-ray of her wrist to see whether her growth is complete. I have also heard rumours that the face grows after the body for a longer period of time, am I putting my daghter in harm if an impant in inserted at the age of seventeen?

A bridge is not an option that we find suitable and her temporary dentue may cause decay of the gum if left for a long period of time. What are the consequences of recieving an implant at her age if she has not stopped growing?

I appreciate any helpful responses

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Implant for 16 Year Old
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Carol,

I agree with your implant specialist that it is best to wait until your daughter is approximately 18 years of age before receiving a dental implant. Even if you put the dental implant in now, you want the crown tos tay for years and years, and by jumping the gun on her growth by even a year it can mean that she will "outgrow" her crown sooner,and it will not look natural. You will save time (and some beauty) if you are patient and wait a little longer until she is a "prime" candidate for the treatment.

I advise that you have a flipper made for her to wear in the daytime only, until the implant is placed. She should not be sleeping in this as you said, wearing it long term is not healthy. However, it is healthy enough to wear it during the day as long as she has adequate oral hygiene. She will only be wearing this flipper for another year or two anyway, so it will save money on her having to turn around and pay for a 2nd implant crown to fit her mouth when it is through developing.

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