My husband has a plate but wants implants

by Caitlin
(Middleton, SA)

My husband has had his plate for over 6yrs so far and we are looking into getting him implants instead but he has 5 front teeth missing.

We have found a few different implant options and don't really know which would be best for him, he wants to just have it so he has teeth straight away and not have to wait another few months to get the teeth or caps put on.

We want to know how much it would cost and also which would be best for him to get? He has had his teeth taken out and as far as we can see he would need to have surgery to get the screws in then wait for the teeth!

Is there a way of putting temporary caps on or something? And how long would he have to take off of work to do this?

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Please Clarify - What do yo mean when you say plate?

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