My tooth fell out of my implant!

by Dan
(Waterford, Ireland)


About 4 years ago, the tooth in my implant started getting loose and falling out on occasion, I was able to slot the tooth/bar back in and it would kind of wedge into its surrounding teeth to keep it in, now it falls out all the time!

I'm wondering what would cause this? And will I have to go through the whole procedure again, as in, will the have to put a new implant in, or just a new tooth?

If its just the tooth, will the cost be the same as a full implant, or what kind of percentage of a difference is there?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, It's really annoying me and hurting my self confidence.

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go to your dentist he will cement the crown to the implant

Tooth fell out of implant too
by: Carol (Dublin)

Hi there

I had a tooth extraction back in September 2007. Due to weakness of bone/gum I had 2 bone grafts over the space of 18 months. Finally in August 2009 my tooth implant was completed at an overall cost of Euro 6,000. I have found the whole procedure extremely distressing and costly. Last night my tooth felt loose and literally fell out of my mouth. Waiting to go back to the dentist tomorrow to get fixed. Is this normal for something that should be permanent to literally just fall out and can this keep re-happening?

Implants with loose teeth
by: marie Demaio

I also had an implant and the tooth keeps getting loose and I stick it back on. Now I went back to the dentist and its 100.00 to get another tooth and they glue it on. I would love to find some where to buy the teeth that the dentist has and glue it on myself. The dentist has a box of different teeth and finds one that fits. does any one know how to get the teeth?

tooth came off implant NEW
by: Anonymous

my tooth came off my implant is they safe glue that I can buy.

reply NEW
by: Renny

I think the implant surgery that you have had was not in a proper way. I have also had such problem and it was due to the problem with the implant process. So you have better to try for a new implant procedure. Meaningful Use Attestation

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