My tooth has turned grey brown & is clearly rotting

by Laurel

I am 31 years old and have had a baby molar my whole life. It had a cavity that was filled in many years ago and the filling fell out a year ago. Over the past year or so, my tooth has turned grey brown & is clearly rotting/rotten. It is now loose, has just started to annoy me the last few weeks.

Due to my husband's new job, dental insurance does not kick in for another 80 days. That said, due to him losing a job a year & a half ago & recently having a baby, & just now trying to get back on our feet, we do not have money to pay for extractions & bridges along with crowns.

A dentist I visited 6 months ago told me I would need these during a consultation. The tooth is clearly dead now & I want to pull it so bad as it is loose & annoying me. Should I pull it? What should I do? I never know when to trust whether a someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes or not for profit.

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Dying Tooth NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Laurel,

You are at the age now where if a baby tooth is still present, it is most likely about to fall out. Sometimes people have a missing adult tooth and the baby teeth stay there several years, until you reach about 30 years of age. Those teeth just weren't made to last any longer, so the root naturally resorbs and begins to try to exfoliate itself (fall out).

If you have healthy teeth on either side of it I would be very hesitant to put a bridge in, as it crowns those adjacent virgin teeth. My first option would be to place an implant in the area of the missing tooth to help function as a natural tooth, maintain the space between the teeth (keep them from shifting together an affecting the rest of the mouth) and not having to crown 2 teeth with nothing wrong with them.

reply NEW
by: Dennis

I can understand how you are feeling when your baby molar is rotting away. This may affect your confidence negatively and it will be better to extract the teeth of you are okay with that. Thank you for sharing your concern. Windows 10 preview

Go To The Vet Now!! NEW
by: Manning Heart

I think it is just dying off. You should have gotten it out a long time ago I guess. Do not waste any time or the assisted living nj chances for a molar infection will be too high. So just get it out before anything bad happens.

so good NEW
by: Hantra

I have been told that if such things are to happen , it means really bad and I hope to make the best of what can be done and that is sure that it will always be of great improvement to a lot of people too. ::: Pajar boots reviews :::

collegeessaywritingservice NEW
by: Anonymous

This is such a painful situation and i guess it's better to have a dental implant for all your rotting grey brown. It's completely necessary to take care of it.

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