Nervous about stage two of dental implant

by Ann
(New jersey)

I am nervous about stage two of dental implant:

Hello, I recently had a single tooth implant which I was told it would not really hurt. However ... That was not the case for me. My face blew up like a chipmunk and my gums and jaw were very sore( but no infection). In the summer I have to go through the second surgery were they open my gums again. how painful will the second part be ?

I won't ask my doctor ... I don't trust what they say anymore

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Exposure NEW
by: Sharon B., RDH

Hi Ann,

The exposure part of the implant therapy is very, very simple compared to the implant placement. They will uncover the abutment area so that the abutment and crown can be placed. It is really not anything to be concerned about at all. You have already made it through the "hard" part. I'm sorry about the residual infection. You really aren't at a risk for that to happen again, so no worries.

Second stage NEW

I agree that second stage is more than easier than the first one so it should not be a big problem like the first time.

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