New implant chipped twice

by Joanne Marrano
(Carol Stream, IL)

New implant chipped twice:

I recently had an implant (back molar)
It chipped while I was eating and it caused the new implant to be very rough and jagged. I called my dentist that day and saw her within two weeks she didnt appear too concerned and was going to contact the Dr who placed the implant. However,
I believe it chipped again.
I went to the dentist on Aug 2nd and she smoothed it out. I am wondering since I paid for an implant
and it chipped twice within a month of having it put in - is there any recourse I can take? Was there a warranty on the tooth from the factory?

The dentist who placed the implant has not contacted me. I would like to have my file reflect that the tooth was defective - or
does that matter? It feels fine now but it appears much smaller.

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Get it replaced...
by: 2thmkr127

Sounds like the crown that was placed over the implant abutment has chipped. Any reputable dental laboratory will have a 1 year warranty (AT LEAST) on their restorations. I would schedule an appointment immediately to have it replaced.

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