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by Dan

I am having dental implants placed for a few teeth I have recently lost. From the feedback I have received so far dental implants seems like the best solution these days.

I was curious to know what happens if the implant fails? How often does this happen and why? Thanks

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Dental Implant Failure

A Dental implant doesn?t fail easily until and unless the bone present was porous, or immature or the planning done to place the implant was not up to the mark, but then also sometimes it can fail without any reason (that can happen in any medical treatment).
Even if it fails it can be removed, bone grafting can be done at that site to prevent further bone loss and wait for six months and a new implant can be placed

Dr. Farhan

Dental Implants
by: Anonymous

Types of Dental Implant Failure-
These cases can be placed in several categories:

?Infection - If there are poorly fitted fixtures or improper techniques used, persistent infection can be the result.

?Loose implants - With substandard fixtures, or if the implants are placed under load prematurely, or if they are placed in bone that isn't solid enough, they can become loose.

?Nerve impairment - Without the use of three-dimensional radiographic techniques, it is easy to place fixtures in positions where they impinge on nerves that run through the jaw. This can result in persistent numbness, tingling, or pain.

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